The goods will be brought to the customer by a carrier to the address, given by the customer. It is possible to pick up the goods by yourself. The order cannot be accepted, when the way of transportation is not chosen, it is compulsory. When picking the goods up by yourself, it is possible to recieve the bike in a package or put together, although 15 euros will be added to the price. When buying the bicycle in package, the pedals must be turned on, the front wheel and the handlebar must be installed. In addition, the wheels have to be pumped up. The bicycle in the package is regulated and ready for riding.
The customer accepts the terms and conditions of Atan Team LLC online-shop, when ordering and paying.

Paying conditions

The product will be sent to the client on the next working day after paying the bill and the accrual of the price to the account of Altan Team LLC. It is also possible to pick the goods up by oneself and to pay for it on sight by cash. We recommend to make an appointment when picking up the products by oneself.If the product is not in the store and the customer wishes to order it, the shipping time and the paying conditions must be agreed. The forepayment, that is 50% of the price of the goods, must be paid beforehand.

The conditions of returning the goods

All products bought from Altan Team e-store can be returned within 14 days, if the invoice is provided. Buyers have a right to return the goods within 14 days starting from recieving ordered products.

The seller does not return the transportation fee of ordered goods to buyers.

In agreement with the vendor, the product will be exchanged to an equivalent product or the pay for the goods will be refunded within 7 days to the account, from where the payments were made. The time of repayments begins when the customer has returned the products to the seller, who has recieved and checked it.

NB! The returned products must not be used. We highly recommend you to check all the parts that must be returned with the bike.  The opening of the original package must be done carefully, without being damaged.

If the returned goods have been damaged due to the client’s careless behaviour, we have the right to reduce the amount of money that should be refunded to the client.

If the producer’s defect has occured while using the product, Altan Team LLC should be informed about it as soon as possible on the e-mail address andres@altan.ee.

When recieving a product with a flaw, the consumer has a right to lodge a complaint to the seller on the basis of the original bill during 2 years, after recieving the products. The obligation for paying for the expertise during 6 months after buying the product belongs to us, after 6 months to the customer.If the defect of the product is noticed, turn as soon as possible to Altan Team LLC, but not later than 7 days, in order to find the resolution. Do not continue to use the product with the flaw, because the defect could enlarge.

The seller’s rights

The seller has a right to recede on a deal, if the store of the adequate product is depleted. In that case, the pay will be refunded to the client within 7 workdays. The prices, texts and the availabily of the products may change unannounced.

In addition to the ordering terms, the  legislation of the Republic of Estonia enjoin the relationships between the service provider Altan Tean LLC and the client.