How to Choose a Bicycle?

Everyone who thinks of buying a bycicle should ask oneself this question. Here we will try to help with the decision making in order to find the best deal.

City Bike

Wish to just enjoy riding a bike from time to time, but without working out or desire using the bike as a means of transport, for example as going to work.

The riding position of city bike is extremely close to the normal sitting position and the height of handlebar can be regulated in various directions.  This type of bike ensures a comfortable position and the saddle is also wider and softer. In addition, this bycicle has lights, mudguards and carrier. It is easy to ride to the shop or go on a picnic. Some City bikes even have front shock-absorber. This variant should be chosen if you drive a lot on gravel. City bike only is not a good choice when riding on soft ground or technical forest path.


Mountain Bike

If you ride a lot in the woods, where rather difficult paths are not uncommon, mountain bike should be a suitable option.  Mountain bike can be used everywhere, it just depends on the skills of a rider.  Mountain bike is also suitable for working out, due to the riding position. Prices of mountain bikes differ a lot and the decision should be made based on the aim, not on the price. If you wish to take part in contests, the model Saturn, Mercury or Uranus should be chosen. The next question is if a 29”,  27,5” or 26” bike should be chosen. These numbers mean the diameeter of a bike.

26” bike should be bought for a child, who has outgrown from the 24” bike. In this situation, it is neccessary to buy a bike for grown ups. 26” bike is also suitable for those, who just like the type of mountain bike. Also, 26” bikes with a womens’ frame is provided.

27,5” bike should be chosen by people, who are 160-175 cm tall or those, who ride a lot on difficult paths, for example in the woods. The frame and the feels of 29” bike are a lot bigger and due to that the bike cannot be controlled so well.

29” bike is definitely the best choice for those, who are in love with riding a mountain bike. The bikes of bigger diameeter overcome difficulties much better and higher speed is not very hard to be achieved. Still it can be used on every road.

Children’s bike

Here we show the best combinations of children’s height, age and the measures of bikes.

12” bike is suitable for children at the age of 2-3.

16” bike is suitable for the children at the age of 4-5 and height of 105-120 cm.

20” bike is suitable for the children at the age of 5-7 and height of 115-135 cm.

24” bike is suitable for the children at the age of 7-11 and height of 130-150 cm.

26” bike is suitable for the children at least at height of 140 cm and the height of frame should be 38 cm. If the previous description depicts well your current situation, the decision dhould be made from the models of  T590 Storm for men or T591 Storm and T596 Earth for women.


You should choose an e-bike if you wish to rodelonger distances but prefer doing it effortlessly. You do not need to worry about the direction of the wind as the engine provides an easy movement at all times. At the same time, you keep being physically active and have an opportunity to enjoy excersising outside. You can find mountine bikes, city bikes as well as foldable bikes from our selection.